This time of year is filled with school supply shopping, picking out new outfits, and getting back into the school year. A back to school physical should be on your to-do list before the new school year kicks off too. Many states require back to school physicals, but even if yours doesn’t, your child should be getting one. Let’s take a closer look at why back to school physicals are so important!

Building A Medical History

If you want to be able to get the best care possible for your child when they’re sick, it’s a good idea to get them seen by their physician when they aren’t sick. If your child gets yearly back to school physicals, then their doctor will be familiar with them and have a medical history on file. When you need to set up an appointment for an actual issue your child is having, this makes it much easier to begin treating them right away.

Athletic Physicals

If your child is one of the nearly 46 million athletes in America, they’ll need an athletic physical. Athletic physicals are very similar to a regular physical, but they address the child more as an athlete than a regular child. This can help to make sure they’re ready to start up the newest game season and be at peak performance, without having a higher susceptibility to injury.


Immunizations are important to protect your child and those around them. At a back to school or athletic physical, the physician will make sure your child is up-to-date will all of the immunizations they need to have a happy and healthy school year. These immunizations could include a flu vaccine, a booster shot, or any other immunizations your child is due for based on their age and previous immunizations.

Address Any Concerns and Check Development

The back to school physical is the perfect time for your child and you to bring up any concerns you might be having. If your child has been having any issues with sleeping, allergies, pain, depression, anxiety, or focus, it’s best to get it addressed before the new school year begins. The physician will check reflexes, growth development, and more to look for any possible signs of a problem as well. Make sure your child is being open and honest with their doctor at this appointment each year and if you have a concern that they haven’t mentioned, don’t be afraid to voice it!

A back to school physical not only makes sure your child is safe and healthy going back to school, it will also give you the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve begun building a medical history for your child. Even if your state doesn’t require back to school physicals, it’s a good idea to get one scheduled before your child returns to the busy hallways and sports fields.

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